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Fathers Day Pre-Order available now
Fathers Day Pre-Order available now

Florida Rock Shrimp

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Rock shrimp are out of season until August 2021  

5 LB minimum required. 

26/30 count per pound

About Rock Shrimp

These are a deep-water cousin of red, pink, brown, and white shrimps. The similarity among these shrimp are just that because they have a hard shell and harvested in very deep waters (150-250 feet of water) offshore of Cocoa Beach, FL. The season comes once a year and they are well worth the wait every time. 

Cooking Tips 

Remember these are similar to a lobster, but mini. So the tender, juicy flavor is always paired with a lemon/lime or really anything from your garden. Rock shrimp cook very quickly compared to the typical white or red shrimp. To boil, they can cook between 45 seconds - 1 1/2 minutes. The easiest way to cook these are splitting down the back, seasoned on broil for 2 minutes or until meat is cooked throughly.