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Customer Service (904) 805-2934
Customer Service (904) 805-2934

Our Story


Shrimp To Shore was founded in March 2020, by Tyler Vogelsong. The oldest son of commercial Captain Lee Vogelsong, introduced to the shrimping industry by his grandfather Captain Lynwood Anderson. Since 1972 the Vogelsong/Anderson family has harvested some of the freshest, highest of quality shrimp Florida has ever seen. Now the entire US has access to these shrimp, delivered to your door, at the local Mayport price. 

More of the history is detailed below, but in short, the family has harvested their own high quality shrimp for four generations. When the pandemic arrived in spring of 2020, they found their freezers full of product that would have otherwise been shipped to the shuttered restaurant industry. Naturally, with shrimp season set to begin soon, they needed a different sales channel to make room in the freezers for the new crop of shrimp soon to arrive at their docks.

Through the power of social media, family and friends, Tyler found surprising demand from the public, with little to no idea of what was to come in a pandemic, he started Shrimp To Shore. Starting with local delivery, personally delivering across Jacksonville, FL. Word soon spread about the great restaurant quality and the “close to wholesale pricing,” and all of a sudden a direct sales business was born. 

By combining their efficient, clean processing with their shipping and packaging relationships from the wholesale business, they have achieved the amazing result of being able to offer these shrimp to the public at extremely competitive prices even when shipping is factored in. Now the whole country can enjoy the secret that Floridians and fine restaurants have been keeping!

As more details are below, in short we are growing and working to have the most accessible seafood delivered to your door. Back in 1957, Captain Lynwood Anderson started the family business. He purchased an ice boat; before freezer boats were invented, and learned the waters and whereabouts of the Florida coast. Having all daughters, you'd think the legacy would not carry on. But his oldest, Marilyn Solorzano, took over the ropes. She ran her own boat for over a decade before teaching the business to her husband and children. Her oldest son, Captain Lee Vogelsong, was the first of his three brothers to eventually all have their own commercial boat to teach their children.  

Miss Carolyn Louise, ran by Captain Lee Vogelsong 2020

Miss Marilyn Louise, ran by Captain Marilyn Anderson 2001