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Instructions cooking Bay Scallops

Instructions cooking Bay Scallops

Bay Scallops are one of the oceans best kept flavors. To unlock the best flavors, our friends @jacobandjacky whipped up some Scallops and Pea Purée, check it out on their Instagram.

-Rinse your scallops and pat dry
-Preheat your pan on high. Once it's ripping hot, add
enough neutral oil to coat the pan
-Pan sear the scallops until they're no longer sticking to
the pan. If they don't want to flip, let them sear for a few
more seconds.
-Once they're all turned over, pan sear for 2-3 minutes.
-A totally optional step is to baste them while they cook.
Take a couple tablespoons of butter and one peeled
clove of garlic and spoon the melted butter over the
scallops until they're done cooking. Try not to sear the
scallops for more than 5 minutes total.
-Remove from the pan, add some flaky salt to flex, and
eat with your favorite side!

Check our next blog posts for the top 3 scallop recipes we use with bay scallops. 

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